Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dragulous Weekend Look

Last weekend was the National Entertainer of the Year competition.  It's like a Miss America pageant for queens.  It's amazing.  I will throw in a couple of pictures from that weekend.  So, I wanted to do something a little fabulous and Amy Winehouse had just passed away so I decided on wings.  For me, this was a pretty dramatic look (unless I'm just sitting around the house then I will paint myself to hell and back) but it was still fairly tame and pretty. 

The weather is ridiculously hot so I also had to keep that in mind when doing my makeup because no matter what kind of base or setting products I use, I WILL look like a hot mess within a few hours if I overdo it.  What I'm saying is, I had to try to get the pop I wanted while keeping it fairly minimal. 

I kept it simple on my face with just Diorskin Forever Compact foundation.  Did I mention that I'm tan now?  Like... NC30ish tan?!?  I know I don't look it in these photos but from further back, I guess I do.  Yeah, I was a 010 in the compact foundation, now 030 is too light but I haven't felt like buying more foundation yet.  Anyway, back to my face.  I used the blush from Chantecaille Sylvia's Personal Palette.  On my lips, I used Tarte Lip Stain in Amused.  That's it.

Here are my eye pics.  (Oh yeah, I'm very blonde at the moment too.  I made a few changes while I was away.)  :)  I'll list what I used after the pics.

All I used on my eyes was the Vendome palette from Guerlain as far as shadows go.  I used the top (lightest) color on my browbone,  on my lid I used the color below it and in the crease I used the color on the bottom.  Then I used Urban Decay's 24/7 eye liner in Oil slick and lined my upper eyelids.  I followed that up with the gorgeous blue from this palette and my smudge brush.  I swept that across and then smudged a bit into my lower lashline.  Mascara was Dior Extase immediately followed by Dior Iconic.  Brows were done with the Diorshow Brow Stylist.  The eyes took me maybe fifteen minutes.

Somewhere out there, there is a picture of me doing some sort of ninja pose using my middle (favorite) fingers and bending over in front of this awesome bitch.  If I ever get a copy, maybe I'll post.  Let's say it was the last pic of the evening and I was feeling no pain.  But my makeup held up!  Ha.

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krazybird said...

I've been wondering about Vendome and after this epic post it's going to be even harder to resist. So glad that you're back so to speak and miss you on MUA!