Monday, August 8, 2011

Chanel - Misty Soft, Stunning

This picture is a really weird angle. I was trying to take a close up of the lipstick but ended up getting most of my face and it turned out to be the best of the bunch. I will post a few more later but my skin looks good in this one, so up it goes! This was for a night on the town with some other couple friends of ours. My eye makeup was actually darker which is why I went for a nudie lip. I used the Chanel Misty Soft duo, the darkest color on my lid and the next lighter over top and blended up into the crease. I used Urban Decay 24/7 in Oil Slick to line on top and the darker shadow to line the bottom. Mascara is Faux Cils by Chantecaille. Blush... I can't remember what I used, a dior one from my palette. I'll include the palette pic and point out which one. Lips is Chanel Rouge Coco in Stunning. Again, pic washed some of the intensity but it is not much more loud than this.

And here is my hair.  I wanted to do something different than usual and still wear it up because it is hot (Have I mentioned how flipping hot it is?!?).  First thing my little sister said was "WOW, LOOK AT ALL THE GRAY!!!"  To which I say "SUCK IT!"  I did touch up my roots the following evening, though.  Leave it to family to keep you humble when you're feeling just a little too good about yourself.  :)

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