Sunday, November 14, 2010

Guerlain Metorites Voyage Poudre d'Or (Holiday 2010)

This is so pretty.  A pure luxury purchase.  I love meteorites.  You don't *think* you need them or that they really make a difference, but they do.  First, they just make me feel pampered and pretty... just owning them, lol.  Every time I open them I get a whiff of the candied violets and it makes me instantly happy (Yes, I AM a ball sniffer).  What they do depends on which ones you get but overall (unless you get some of the older LE sparkly ones or some of the bright all pink ones) what they do is give you a glow and sort of create a soft focus effect on your face.  The balls and the voyage are my faves.  I don't care for the pressed ones that have a beaded surface.  The compact on those is impractical and they're much more shimmery than the other formulations.
Different colors counteract certain issues your complexion may have.  Green for red splotches, Purple for sallow skin, etc.  I really would recommend the Mythic voyage meteorites to anyone that is fair to light skinned.  Over the years, I've gone through 5 of the refills.  The compacts are expensive but you can score them on ebay for fairly cheap (that's how I got my original one) and the refills cost around $45-$50. 


Dovey said...

I've always been curious about the meteorites--- but couldn't quite figure out how you were supposed to use them--- like a setting powder? highlighter? Regardless, the bee compact looks so lovely!

Musing on Beauty said...

I don't own meteorites, I must admit I don't really see the point, but I'm very much afraid if I try them I will, and then it will be the road to brankrupt.
This Holiday compact does look very cute, I must admit.

Cheri said...

Wow, I didn't know you got these! They're gorgeous!

Erika said...

@Dovey - I use them as a setting/finishing powder. You can take individual colored balls and concentrate them in certain areas to use as a highlighter or even a blush.

@Musing - LOL, I hear ya. They are an addiction that I've been pretty good at keeping under control. I don't feel like I have to have all of them but do like to get the holiday ones most years. The purchase of the new pressed one was not exactly planned. :)

@Cheri - <3 Remember the guy that I bought the Guerlain palettes from? He had this for $99 and I just couldn't pass it up. I forgot to take a pic of the outside. It's so cute.