Monday, November 15, 2010

Random Swatching - Spot the Cheap Stuff

I was at CVS yesterday and I'm not really sure what possessed me but suddenly I looked down and had 2 Wet n Wild holiday palettes in my hand.  Oh, yes I do... it was the red eyeshadow.  I wanted *NEEDED* that red eyeshadow.  I figured at $5 it was no big risk so held on to them and ended up buying them. 

Anyone that reads this blog or knows me, knows that I am a label whore.  It's not something I'm proud of - choosing form over function, being a makeup purist, a snob, whatever you want to call it - it's just the way it is.  I used to rationalize it by saying that if I was going to pay $12 for a drugstore product, I might as well just go buy department store brands.  Sounded good to my ears anyway.

Now, when anyone asks me, I tell the truth.  The truth is this:  There are probably many good drugstore products out there and I've come across a few but I always end up giving them away because I can't stand to see WnW or Revlon bumping uglies with my Chantecaille, Dior and Chanel.  There, I said it.  The packaging on almost all drugstore products (except in the asian brands) is sorely lacking.  I buy makeup not because I need it but because I like it.  I like pretty, sparkly, girly things and if I'm going to blow my money on non-essential items, then I'm going all out!

Anyway, I did come home with these WnW palettes and I have to say that I was impressed.  There were 3-4 very good quality shadows in both palettes and 2-3 sucky ones.  Honestly, the same thing happens in Dior quints.  Bad news, the red one (the whole reason I got sucked in) was a piece of shit. 

Up above, you saw some swatches on my hand.  Are there any cheap ones on there?  Are there any high end?  Am I just messing with your head?  :)  Go up and look again and see what you think.  I'm going to give the answers below.
OK, ya back?  Made your decisions? 
1 = Dior (Endless Shine Quint)
2 = WnW (Coloricon Palette)
3 =  Dior (Endless Shine Quint)
4 = WnW (Coloricon Palette)
5 = Dior (Endless Shine Quint)
6 = WnW (Coloricon Palette)

I wasn't trying to dupe colors, just pulling colors that I had handy and that were in the same color families.  Did you have it right?  I was pretty impressed with the WnW.

Here are some more pics.
7 = Bobbi Brown
8 = WnW
9 = Bobbi Brown
10 = WnW
11 = Chantecaille
12 = WnW
13 = Chantecaille
14 = WnW
15 = WnW

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