Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Givenchy Le Prisme in Khaki Egerie - Thoughts, Pics, Swatches

I passed these testers probably a hundred times and never had any interest. Until one day, Khaki Egerie drew my eye and pulled me in. If you've used Givenchy eyeshadow quads in the past, you know what I' m talking about... "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, prepare to be cursed out, jeered and discarded."

So, all that in mind, it's amazing that I even took a look at these. The colors of this particular quad though are absolutely bloody gorgeous and they demand to be sweet-talked and stroked.

✓ Packaging - Boxy and elegant, typical Givenchy
✓ Color Scheme - Beautiful, all colors work well together or you could mix any 2, or a wash of 1.
✓ Texture - Very soft, not too powdery, not chalky.  Just smooth and soft.
✓ Pigmentation - Very pigmented. Not stain your skin kind of pigmentation but you don't have to pack it on.
✓ Pricing - Expensive at $56 but about the norm for a high end quad.  (I'll never rank something crappy b/c it's expensive.  I knew what it cost when I got it. )

Bottom Line:  I'd say this one is worth the price.  I'm not sure about the others because there's nothing terribly unique or enchanting amongst the remaining quads.  If you can find a deal, fo for it!
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Cheri said...

oooh, that looks gorgeous!! I love the two colors on the left!