Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Eyeliner Comparison Swatches - MAC Black Line, Clinique Egyptian, Stila Moray

I thought that Black Line was very similar to Stila Moray Smudgestick & Clinique Egyptian Creamshaper.  So, today I decided to swatch them side by side and see.

If we consider Black Line the "control", then:
  • Egyptian's base is more brown than Black Line's.
  • Moray is almost spot on, but it needs more black.  You could probably get the same effect by using Moray over a black liner.  
  • They all felt pretty much the same when I applied them, but when I tried to smudge them, Moray & Black Line didn't budge, while Egyptian smeared.
  • Stila is $20 for .01oz, Clinique is $14.50 for .04oz, MAC is $14.50 for .04oz.
Here are comparisons to a few other liners just for fun.  :)

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