Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chanteaille Les Muses (aka Ethereal Eyes) EOTD

I'm going to call this one - When Bad Things Happen to Good Makeup...
Oh, it's not *horrible* but I didn't do this palette justice. Note to self: Stop trying to line your waterline. You know it never works on you.
That said, all I used was the palette. I used the black shadow to line. Chantecaille Les Muses (aka Ethereal Eyes) is one of the best palettes I've had the good fortune to diddle. Every color is perfect, they work together, they're very well pigmented and they are sooooooo soft. Would you laugh if I told you I did today's makeup with my fingers? I didn't intend to wear makeup but started playing with Les Muses and next thing I knew, I had a full face of makeup on including lipgloss. Anyway, because I was too lazy to deal with brushes today, I did use my fingers and the little eyeliner brush included in the palette for the lining.
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Musing on Beauty said...

I had never seen this palette before, but it looks really beautiful!