Monday, November 2, 2009

Dior Smokey Light, Diorskin Nude Concealer, Anastasia Brow Pen

I really love this new brow pen. It does such an amazing job. If you saw my brows without it, you would not believe it.
I am also really loving the new Dior concealer. So, 2 wins on my sephora F&F order, lol.
I used:
Dior Smokey Light Mini Quint - 2 taupey colors & the highlight shade
Laura Mercier Black Gold Kohl to line top & bottom
BE Buxom Mascara
Diorskin Nude Concealer - Shade 1
DuWop Mango Blushbooster
Foundation is Armani Luminous Silk Foundation #2
Oh, and I'm not sure if you can tell from this picture or not but my eyelashes have actually grown. I've been using castor oil for about a month. I don't apply it religiously, just when I remember and they have definitely grown and are fuller. I noticed it the other day when I was curling my lashes that my lashes now peek up over the top of my curler. They didn't used to do that. :)
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Catherine said...

So pretty! I always love your EOTDs. I wish they made an Anastasia brow pen in my shade. I do not believe their one shade fits all at all... but it looks fab on you!

Erika said...

Thank you so much! They actually have this one in 2 shades. I got the lightest one. I dunno if the darker one would work for you. Also, it'd be worth checking out the sephora brand one. I've heard good things about it.

Anonymous said...

Love the EOTD, miss seeing them on MUA and MUA is just not the same. I think I might be spending a little less money since you aren't posting pics all the time LOL.

Thinking about getting the brow pen (thanks for telling us how great it is :-)) but do you think it will dry out fairly quickly. I love Anastasia Brow Powder and it last forever and a day (in the pan and on my face).


Anonymous said...

Hi pretty Mommy! :-)
This looks amazing.
I love how light & simple it is.
I miss you sooooooooooo much,