Thursday, November 5, 2009

Anastasia Brow Pen - Before/After

This is an awesome little brow product. It is an almost perfect match for me and looks pretty natural on my sparse patches. I've got a pic here of the side on your right filled in and the left not. I don't have any other makeup on so try not to get too scared. :) I used Universal Shade 1. I bought this at Sephora for around $21 I think. I've been using it for about 2 weeks so far and no sign of drying up or anything, which was a concern.


Elvira said...

OK. I think I'm sold. I had a bad experience w/ the Laura Geller one and thought the anastasia might be the same. Looks like this works! YAY!

Erika said...

Yeah, I love it. My brows are phucked right now (unfortunate waxing accident) and this makes a huge difference. The shape is still pretty jacked up but less obvious than before I filled it in. :)

Martha said...

I might need this! Thanks for the pics (partymartyw) Miss you on MUA!