Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guerlain Holiday 2010 Meteorites - Perles D'Or & Poudre D'Or

Today I got the loose version of the holiday meteorites and thought I'd share pics.  I shared my thoughts about meteorites in the post HERE earlier this week.


A said...

You know, you already made me finally spring for a Voyage compact with your last post. Now I want the holiday one as well!


Erika said...

LOL! I am sorry. They are addictive. :) How do you like the Voyage compact? I do think that the original is the best. I like the bee one but it's mainly the packaging that made me want it. For every day, I like Mythic Meteorites the best.

A said...

I really like the Voyage compact. It sort of finishes my makeup really well. It's admittedly a luxury, but one that really delivers! Also, it's gorgeous.


TheScienceBeautiful said...

I adore these little bees on tha package! :) priceless..