Saturday, August 28, 2010

Curly Hair!

Last night, I was bored. So, after I washed my hair I decided to twist my hair into little coils and then clip them. I did pretty much my whole head then I went to sleep. The bottom pic is right after I took the clips out. The top pic is after separating the curls. I still haven't actually styled it but I'm pretty excited about the results. My hair is naturally wavy - slightly curly but it never looks very good. The curls aren't uniform and it always looks wild as hell when I wear it curly.

Anyway, let me know if you've tried something like this before!
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Musing on Beauty said...

oooh that looks nice! My hair has its own will, I swear - wavy to curly but quite messy and a bit frizzy, so I wear it straightened most of the time. I should try that kind of technique to see if it helps!

Erika said...

LOL, mine is the exact same way. I have some stick straight pieces, some wavy pieces and then some almost kinky pieces. It drives me nuts. I'll try and update this post once I get it styled if it turns out well.