Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miraculous Coverage w/ Diorskin Forever & MUFE Full Cover

OK, so I finally found HG on a foundation powder. The before picture is my bare face. I have some hyperpigmentation going on and a couple of newish brown acne spots + a new red one from picking at myself. They will fade in a few months, but for now they're embarrassing and I haven't been able to cover them. Note that they are flat, I'm sure it would be harder to cover them if they were bumpy or scabby or whatever. Also, you can see even pre-makeup my face is a completely different shade from my neck. IDK why. It sucks. The after, I used MUFE full cover - dabbed on my face then patted out w/ the SK peep. Then I followed up with a healthy dose of Diorskin Forever Compact. I neglected undereye concealer because I wasn't focusing on that for this. But the concealer for eyes I've been using and having good results with lately is Lancome Effacernes.


Vicky said...

Finally someone with MY problems posting a makeup review!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I've been trying SO hard to pick a makeup and was trying desperately to find someone using this makeup who doesn't have flawless skin already. Thank you!!!

Angela S. said...

Hi! I loved your review on the Diorskin compact but I have a question: do you use any primer under that? and if so, which one? Also, do you use any powder over the compact? Thanks! :)

Laura said...

Whoa, that looks awesome! I love the diorskin compact, but its sooooo expensive. I usually reserve it for special occasions.