Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Filled Up Belle Hop Roll Up

I am so in love with this bag. So glad I bought it and thinking of buying another. :) To show you how much it holds, I took pics and also inventoried what's in there. And it can actually hold probably 25% more than what it's currently got. Pouch 1 - Brushes: 15 Various Eye Brushes, 4 Face Brushes Pouch 2 - Tubey Things: 2 Mascaras UDPP Lash Curler Brow Powder 14 Pencils Pouch 3 - Eyes 3 MAC Quads 3 LM Mosaic Quads 3 NYX Trio Cases (2 of them have MAC in them) 2 LM Metallic Creme e/s Clinique Trio Pouch 4 - Face 5 Blush 1 Liquid Fdn 1 Face Powder 1 mini meteorites SK Peep 3 Concealers

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